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collapsed and the Communist North took over the entire country.

They are the ones who paved the way for a new literary community abroad, and subsequently, with writers who started writing after 1975 and second-generation writers who left as teenagers, or who were born after 1975 around the globe, brought Vietnamese literature into existence in the overseas.

She is living The Delta, Michigan Quarterly Review, Fall 2004; Gates of Saigon, Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 2004; Miss Lien, Prairie Schooner, Winter 2003; Visitors, Chelsea 74, Fall 2003; Motherland, Meridian, Summer 2003; Lucy, Invasian: Asian Sisters Represent, Spring 2003; We should never meet, Colorado Review, Spring 2002; newspapers and radio A Daughter Returns Home Through Her Diaries, US Today feature, October 11, 2005; Vietnamese Lose All, This Time to Katrina, USA Today opinion editorial, September 15, 2005; Happy Trails, Nguoi Viet 2 Travel section, June 2, 2005; 30 Years After Fall of Saigon, USA Today opinion editorial, April 27, 2005; A Trip to the Past, Nguoi Viet 2 Travel section, February 16, 2005; Where They Come From, New York Times Travel section, June 6, 2004, Mommies Psychic Helper, Public Radio Internationals This American Life, May 7, 2004Vietnam in 1975, educated at U. and is one of the founding editors of Viet Tide Magazine published in the US. Chu Van An High School in Saigon, and University of Saigon from where he graduated BA in Philosophy.

His works were published in the anthologies Văn Học, Văn, Lng Văn, Thế Kỷ 21. From 1969 to 1975, he taught school in Don Duong, Gia Dinh.

She resettled in the US in 1991, and is now living in California. C.11 Thi Nhn Việt Nam Tự Do (ại Nam Văn Hiến, 1962), Khc Ca Nhược Tiểu (poetry, ại Nam Văn Hiến, 1960), Văn Học Hiện ại Thi Ca V Thi Nhn (Saigon, Vietnam: Quần Chng, 1969), Lm Thế No ể Giết Một Tổng Thống (Saigon, Vietnam: Dinh Minh Ngoc, 1970), Lịch Sử Văn Minh Nng Dn V Nng Thn Việt Nam Từ ời Hồng Bng ến Năm 1945 (Long Xuyn, Vietnam: 1974), Cong giao Viet Nam trong dng sinh mệnh dn tộc (Gretna, LA: Co so Dan Chua, 1988), Tự Ho L Người Việt Nam Qua Chứng Liệu Lịch Sử (Orlando, Fla., USA: Hưng ao, 1989), Chan tuong Ho Chi Minh va Cong san Viet Nam (US: Hung Viet, 1989), Chn Dung Phụ Nữ Việt Nam Trong Văn Ho Sử (Phoenix, Ariz., USA: Tiếng Me, 1990), Con hong thuy bien Dong (Laguna Niguel, CA: Dan Tam, 1990), Nguyen Sa, tac gia va tac pham (Irvine, CA: Doi, 1991), Việt Nam Ba Mươi Năm Mu Lửa (Falls Church, Virginia, USA: Alpha, 1991. In the overseas, he has contributed to many magazines and journals, including Văn, Văn Học, Thế Kỷ 21, ộc Lập, Qu Mẹ, Khởi Hnh, Gi Văn, Sng Văn, and Lng Văn.

President of Florida Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association, editor-in-chief of Rang Dong magazine, and a regular contributor to PNDD, Suoi Van and a number of local special publications.

pursued higher education in the US in 1966, returned to Vietnam in 1971, but escaped the country in 1979, and settled in the US at the end of 1979. grade, he went to University, enrolled in Law School, but left without taking any degree.

He started writing after 1975, and was published in the magazines overseas, and in books and anthologies, including: Thơ Văn Việt Nam Hải Ngoại (CA: Sng Thu, 1986), 90 Tc Giả Việt Nam Hải Ngoại (Văn Hữu 1982), Văn Thơ Văn Bt Nam Hoa Kỳ (1993), Gửi Vầng Trăng Lưu Lạc (Hội Nh Văn, 1994), 20 Năm Văn Học Việt Nam Hải Ngoại (CA: ại Nam 1995). In 1954 he immigrated to South Vietnam, where he later ran the newspapers Doi and Song, with which he gained his fame.

As an officer in the South Vietnam Armed forces, he was committed to prison for ten years by the Communists.

Frogtown Times, Menschen Rechte, and established the publisher Con ung.

Returning to Da Nang, she became Dean of Chanh Dao High School.

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