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06-Oct-2017 06:34

Before diving into some practical scenarios, let's make sure we are clear in terms of terminology.

The following Q&A should help you with that in a rather poetic way.

If you want to add a package from another feed onto your My Get feed, the other feed needs to be configured as an upstream source to that feed.

Adding a package from an upstream source can happen in three ways: manually, by reference (proxying), or by value (mirroring).

My Get will impersonate your user account when authenticating against that upstream feed.

For any non-My Get upstream source that requires authentication to pull packages, you'll have to provide username and password to be used during Basic Auth. We recommend disabling these credential managers on the My Get web site to avoid issues when editing upstream sources.

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The guidelines documented in this manual are the best practices we have built around using TDS Classic as a development platform for many Sitecore implementations.Configuring upstream sources on your My Get feed unlocks quite a few integration scenarios and automation opportunities!