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The distribution of the patterns was as follows: dipper (476, 42.3%), non-dipper (448, 39.8%), riser (140, 12.4%) and extreme dipper (62, 5.6%). 53.8% of the 476 hypertensive dipper were women, of which 25% were taking 3 or more drugs, compared with 38.7% of non-dipper (this group needed less medication to achieve an adequate control). 45%) and vascular risk was better in patients with dipper pattern.

A statistically significant difference between the average pulse pressure (PP) for the riser pattern in both the office PP (59.76 ± 16) and the 24 hours ABPM PP (58.7 ± 15.7) was observed.

In the normal or dipper pattern the mean BP (MBP) at rest is between 10 and 20% lower than in the activity period; in the extreme dipper pattern the MBP in the rest period is 20% lower than the MBP of the activity period; in the non-dipper the MBP during rest is between 0 and 10% lower than the MBP during activity; and finally, in the riser pattern the MBP at rest is higher than the MBP during the activity period [5].

However the ABPM has still low representation in hypertension guidelines [6,7].

Women represented 51.9% (585) of the sample, 256 (22.7%) in the dipper group, 225 (20%) in non-dipper, 39 (3.5%) in extreme dipper and 65 (5.7%) in the riser group.

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With the different measures of BP obtained with this apparatus (an average of 64 per day, considering every 20 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes at night) graphics are obtained, which allow us to identify 4 patterns by comparing the average BP during the activity period versus the rest period.

The objective of this work focuses on the dipper pattern, comparing the prevalence and characteristics with other circadian patterns in hypertensive patients. We selected those who met the requirements of "valid" according to the Cardio Risc protocol (1126, 85.3%).

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