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Recent remarks made by Javi, however, have led fans to conclude that the Javana might really be happening. Yes, that's Javi hanging out with Briana and her sister at a nightclub.

“I would be open to dating Briana,” Marroquin told Radar Online last week. "Thank you @laurentbaud for taking care of us at @taodowntown last night," Marroquin captioned the pic. If y'all are in the city, be sure to hit him up for the connect." Okay, so they may have just been doing a paid club appearance together, but as many fans have pointed out, Javi and Briana look comfortable with one another in that pic.

Morning Round-Up: My Beautiful Laundrette; Trump on Ridiculist again; Mark Wahlberg; Jussie Smollett GALECA Awards: ‘Call Me By Your Name’ gets nine nods; French film ‘BPM: Beats Per Minute’ gets five Thursday Morning Man: Ashley Taylor Dawson!

I was sitting there like a 12 year-old and studying the Super Panavision 70 detail and just marvelling at how good it looks.

When he died, I saw this rainbow over the stage they named for me. reigns with nine nominations, starting with Film of the Year.

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Unfortunately, many saw Thompson's post as an apology to Dunham, when it was anything but.

As we told you, Corey Feldman was named in a police report alleging sexual battery on Monday.

Since then his representation has gone into attack mode, claiming Corey is innocent and being targeted by former band members upset over a canceled tour.

Later that day, Tessa posted yet ANOTHER clarification where she gives her public support to alleged victim Perrineau.

Thompson wrote on Twitter: This just got a lot more twisted.He was also a member of the pop band all STARS and while with the group they managed to score four Top 20 singles in their two-year career.