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The liturgical year always begins on the Sunday that falls between November 27 and December 3, and ends on December 24.The advent period comprises approximately four weeks and always has 4 Sundays, while the total number of weekdays range from 22 to 27.Another was to light a candle every day, either on an Advent wreath or a chandelier.It seems that the first advent wreath has been invented by the Lutheran theologist, Johann Hinrich Wichern (1808-1881).He explained that there were 25 doors and that on December 1st the number 1 door was opened to reveal, in this case, biblical text; the next day door no.2 was opened, and so on, until on Christmas day it was door no. I though that was a delightful ritual for the children in preparation of Christmas Day.

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- Village fold-out advent calendar A16 Advent calendar, doors numbered from 1 thru 24. It is signed “Rolf Keller”, barely visible, below in the left hand corner and below right on the back page. A21, but it could be later as this pressed cardboard was still used for calendar tops in the 1950s. Text, from top to bottom, on the cover sheet, reads: “MEISSNER & BUCH MB LEIPZIG – BERLIN” ; “Weihnachtszeit – Frohe Zeit”; “Leipziger Adventskalender”; in the right bottom corner Baumgarten’s monogram. It is called “Knusperhäuschen” (Gingerbread House). 18374” and on the right “MEISSNER & BUCH (logo) LEIPZIG O 03 / Z 3342” Published in the 1930s. It was published in 1973, with and without glitter, ref. The inside is covered with thin red paper with bible text, which can be read when the doors are opened. A51 Advent calendar, supplement of the children’s magazine “Frösi”, 1956 edition, November number.

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A13 Advent calendar, called “Vorweihnachten”, 1942 edition, in the form of a book for hanging, pages numbered form 1-1a thru 32-32a, thereby totalling 64 sides plus cover; 1 thru 24 until Christmas with on the opposite page Christmas related items, and the additional pages with stories and riddles. A15 Advent calendar which is part of the panorama book “Een boek voor de Kersttijd” (A book for Christmas Time), a Dutch version of Tasha Tudor’s 1979 edition. Junge Welt was the official newspaper of the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ; Free German Youth; ref. The calendar consists of three parts: - the front page : 1 thru 5 December to be cut out from the key page and to be pasted on this front page in the blank spaces. They were part of an estate they inherited from an old aunt who had a shop, which certainly existed in the 1950s and closed down around 1985. produced Advent calendars and greeting cards, from 1949 also glossy pictures (die cut scraps). This calendar was published pre-1971 as Korsch Verlag took over Michel Verlag in 1971. Dimensions: 21 x 29,5cm A35 Advent calendar with angels and a Christmas tree with below the text “Ehre sei Gott in der höhe ! Maybe these last figures could mean that it dates from 1949, although considering the print it seems older to me. A36 Advent calendar with children baking Christmas cookies. Below left is the signature, a letter “R” and in the margin is printed: “Flechsig-Adventkalender Nr. On the back of the panel are the instructions on how to play the game, how to form the box out of this back panel to put the cards in, and on top the two outside edges of this back panel are 2 beautiful bookmarks.

This was published during WWII, and there are texts and pictures related to that, very distressing, period. On the backcover is indicated that it was published by the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei), Franz Eher Nachs., München. Dimensions: closed 19,5 x 27,5 cm and open 38,5 x 27,5 cm. - the inner part: 6 thru 24 December to be cut out and to be pasted on the uncolored figures. ” by Dominik Wunderlin, from the “Museen und Archäologie” in Liestal, Switserland, page 19, and A21 Advent calendar, made of pressed cardboard (Prägedruck : embossed printing or relief printing), with Santa carrying presents on his way to a village; doors numbered from 1 thru 24. As it is made in the same way and similar design as calendar no. On the back of A22 is printed “47 Made in Western Germany” and on A23 “54” and on the cover sheet of both is printed the same text, which is peculiar because of the different graphics: “No. The following information is available on the internet, but I cannot vouch for its correctness: Arthur F. The company Krüger has not been around for some years. It was re-issued by Korsch Verlag in 1972, with and without glitter, Ref. 87, "200/201 - Weihnachtsmann in Eselskarre" (Santa Claus in donkey cart). Here the calendar has not been used and is in its original condition. Dating there are several sources: 1) From 1957 and was sold under the ref. 203, according to information from the November 2004-January 2005 exhibition in the Museum Voswinckelshof, Dinslaken in Germany.The two side flaps fold back; highlighted with glitter; no indication of country or printer, only the number "49" printed in the left bottom corner, while the back-page is numered "32". A4 Advent calendar, angels dropping presents from the sky over a snowy village, doors 1 thru 24; no indication of country or printer, but in the right hand bottom corner is printed "Import - 30072". A11 Advent calendar, showing an advent wreath in front of a double door; doors numbered 1 thru 24. You can see some more of their work on Finn's site, written in danish and on my "favorite sites" page is some more information on "Kravlenisser".

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