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Emerging technology use is growing in communication and in creating, sharing, and interacting around content. New literacies (based on abundance of information and the significant changes brought about technology) are needed.

Media and technology A transition from epistemology (knowledge) to ontology (being) suggests media and technology need to be employed to serve in the development of learners capable of participating in complex environments. Rather than conceiving literacy as a singular concept, a multi-literacy view is warranted. Blogs, for example, can be used for personal reflection and interaction.

We take pieces, add pieces, dialogue, reframe, rethink, connect, and ultimately, we end up with some type of pattern that symbolizes whats happening out there and what it means to us.

Students are forced to develop new ways of making sense of this flood of information fragments. Siemens said that colleges had been slow to appreciate this fact.

Students may download, without charge, JSTOR archived articles through their college library subscription.

JSTOR is not usually as immediately up to date for the most recent articles as the AAA site --- Of course there are also free hard copies of journals available in most college libraries, and these articles can be photocopied or scanned for educational purposes.

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Our learning and information acquisition is a mash-up, the authors write.Change Pressures and Trends Global, political, social, technological, and educational change pressures are disrupting the traditional role (and possibly design) of universities.Higher education faces a "re-balancing" in response to growing points of tension along the following fault lines...In my case I access JSTOR using a password provided to me by the Trinity University Library that subscribes to JSTOR and many other electronic literature databases.

Beginning in 1999, the AAA created digital archives that subscribers can access directly, but there is a subscription fee added on to membership dues to access those archives.Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning --- Preface This Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning (HETL) has been designed as a resource for educators planning to incorporate technologies in their teaching and learning activities.