Ethical vegan dating

26-Nov-2017 09:32

First off, thanks so much for your kind words about my article, “Veganism Is Not About Loving Animals”.

It was a stream of consciousness piece that I wrote in one sitting, so I have been pleasantly surprised by all of the positive responses (and a few criticisms) it has received.

But those are not all days, and most days, I find nothing but support, kindness, and compassion in my relationship.

Even when I don’t find those things, I later realize that it wasn’t due to a lack of support on his part, but a lack of seeing it on my side.

I sat down to respond to you quickly a few times, but every time I did, something stopped me.

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), and he calmly talked me through other processes that would be cathartic and more effective.I love going to his parents’ house when his mom tries a new vegan recipe to share with me, whether the rest of his family eats it or not.His sister asks me about specifics like wool, honey, and my thoughts on raising my own chickens.When we first started dating, he told me that any food without meat was just a snack.

A couple of times, he told me that he was trying to eat less pig.

I find myself wondering if people think my partner is strange for dating a vegan.

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