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Resolution 60/104: January 18, 2006, requested the Special Committee, "pending complete termination of the Israeli occupation", continue to investigate Israeli actions in "the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and other Arab territories" since 1967.Resolution 70/89: December 15, 2015, condemned the continuation of Israeli occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, as a violation of international law.150: November 27, 1996, stated the "Old City of Jerusalem" was inscribed on the endangered world heritage list, and labelled Israel's opening of an entrance to a tunnel near the al-Aqsa Mosque "an act which has offended religious sensibilities in the world".159: June 15, 2000, expressed concern at "the measures which continue to impede the free access of Palestinians to Jerusalem".Resolution 251: May 2, 1968, condemned Israel holding the military parade in Jerusalem.Resolution 252: May 21, 1968, asked Israel to cancel all activities in Jerusalem, and condemned the occupation of any land through armed aggression.Resolution 465: March 1, 1980, demanded Israel to stop the planning and construction of settlements in territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem.

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Resolution 478: August 20, 1980, condemned in "the strongest terms" the enactment of Israeli law proclaiming a change in status of Jerusalem.

The resolution condemned the acts of violence committed by Israeli security forces and referred to Israel as an "occupying power".

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This is a project visualizing the world map which many fools in the world imagine. If there're many comments or questions like that, relevant country will be downsized or deleted. When I was a child, I thought that the Golden Gate Bridge connected California to Japan (or was it China? My younger sister had said a long time ago, "Capital in Moscow is Washington." Although it was a little foolish younger sister, since a younger sister's friend had also said the same thing, it is thought that it is infallible.… continue reading »

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The meeting was triggered by the government's apology last fall for federal doctors infecting prisoners and mental patients in Guatemala with syphilis 65 years ago. An exhaustive review by The Associated Press of medical journal reports and decades-old press clippings found more than 40 such studies.… continue reading »

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