Dating site twoo review

30-Nov-2017 20:44

Main thing is they never give you the option if you want to play the game called pets.Soon as you sign up and log in your automatically given like 15 pets and your profile is out in the open for someone to buy.its a great website for thirsty dehydrated people of sexual cravings. Now if in time I really like a person, i will go on to whatsap, viber or skype and video chat there The pet gameis fun.The worst women in the world all seem to gather on this site.

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I'd rather masturbate and do my own thing then mess with any of these so called women. Its based off of photos, and if you're attractive you get people from all over the world hitting you up, asking for your personal info.Then there are a lot of people who play the pet game 24/7.