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The continuous updating of the atlas while maintaining the sufficient level of data confidentiality is considered crucial for its long-term value; the strategy for continuous updating is presented in a separate section.Finally, since the methods and procedures used to create the atlas are irrespective from administrative boundaries, neither obstacle is observed towards creating the GIS-based energy atlases for other Danish municipalities or for Denmark as a whole.

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Its medium-term goal is to achieve 100 % self-sufficiency in renewable energy supply by 2020.A permanent address is also necessary in order to get a Civil Registration Number and you must have moved to the address in order to get this.You must bring documentation for your address in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality, for example your rental contract, testimonial from your landlord - click HERE to download an example of this or in some cases your contract of employment if the exact address, date etc. If you are married or divorced, you must bring your marriage certificate and a prospective divorce certificate, even if your spouse does not move with you.At ICS in Aarhus it is Aarhus Municipality which, on behalf of Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality, assists you with the moving announcement and with the application for a Civil Registration Number - CPR-Nummer – which is a personal registration number that all Danish citizens have.

You must reside on a permanent address in the municipality when you report moving.

At the bottom of the page an instruction for other nationals can be found.