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In addition to the zina laws, social and cultural norms regarding chastity, virginity, and "family honor," and the stigma attached to unmarried women living alone, contribute to the detention of women and girls in these facilities.Libyan authorities treat adult women detained in social rehabilitation facilities like legal minors with little to no independent decision-making authority over their lives.Women and girls who attempt to press charges for rape risk being imprisoned for adultery or fornication if they are unable to meet the high threshold of evidence required in rape cases.Judges in Libya also have the authority to propose marriage between the rapist and the victim as a "social remedy" to the crime, further impeding the ability of rape victims to seek justice.They also subjected them to long periods of solitary confinement, sometimes in handcuffs, for trivial reasons like "talking back." Women and girls were tested for communicable diseases without their consent, and most were forced to endure invasive virginity examinations upon entry to the facilities.The only education the government offers girls in these facilities is weekly religious instruction.Nigerian women are at increased risk of being forced into prostitution.Trafficking and smuggling networks that reach into Libya from Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and other sub-Saharan states subject migrants to forced prostitution through fraudulent recruitment, confiscation of identity and travel documents, withholding or non-payment of wages, and debt bondage.

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Many women and girls detained in these facilities have committed no crime, or have already served a sentence.

Many had been raped, and then evicted from their homes by their families.

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